Monday, 23 October 2017

Avarii VII game 3, Solar Auxilia vs Iron Hands

Game three and I would be facing a Warhound... it was huge...
Darn it...
But to my big surprise I had a really great game, Emil Holmquist was a really nice dude and it was a real joy to be obliterated by his force...

The Warhound was deadly but I never felt it was broken, and I would love to meet it again.

The games started really bad as I lost the roll for deployment and that meant I would be forced to deploy in the corner with a big mountain taking up much of my deployment area and that the Iron Hands would start the game...

The confined deployment area meant that I got units that didnt manage to get a clear line of sight to the enemy and I was blocked from advancing with my army but for some narrow lines.
My plan to hold in the centre and make an armoured push on my right flank got totally stopped as a lone leviathan decided to drop in my way. I had to stop it from chewing right through my armour somehow...

And the Veletaris lost their transport... I think it was the Warhound that obliterated it.

Raining phosphor onto my infantry two brave veletaries managed to survive.
My Tank commander managed to take out the Leviathan and in the end almost managed to take out the Warhound and the Sicaran tank. But my lone hero was not enought to stop the enemy army as the rest of my guys failed to do anything useful...

Air support managed to arrive and let loose with two Kracken penetrating missiles but it failed to make any impact... That pilot is not my most valuable miniature, thats for sure...
I really really needed to stop that Spartan and all those Terminators and HQ in there... I have nothing that is anything close to that.

Enemy HQ is rampaging through my lines... I tried to take them out with the Malcador and my last Medusa but nothing could inflict enough damage, they just brushed it aside and continuing slaughter my men.

My Xeno wild beast (count as Ogryns) again failed to do anything useful in this game and was cut down in close combat.

It was a loss but a really fun game.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Avarii VII game 2, Solar Auxilia vs Imperial Fist

Game two on Avarii was agaist Magnus Elmquist Imperial fist.
It was a sorry game and my army was in no way up to the task of facing was what sent against them.
I got really scarred at the super heavy that apparently got a 7" blast that ignores cover.
As I was deploying second I somewhat managed to out deploy that beast and managed to stay away from the worst damages for most of the game.
But that was to no comfort when facing 3 units of veterans, a leviathan, some kind of artillery unit and a deep striking commander with his bodyguard.
My one surprise that I managed to pull of was to sneak up my Malcador Infernus and wipe out 9 lascannon dudes in one round, but that was about all it managed before it was destroyed. 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Avarii VII game 1, Solar Auxilia vs Salamanders

My first game would be against Salamanders commanded by a very nice chap with the name Anders Nordenskjöld. He played with lots of meltas and flamers as you might expect.

The heavy flamers are especially nasty for the Solar Auxilia as the added strength to the weapons for Salamanders meant that all my infantry got instant killed and with no armour or cover save this could hurt... alot...
A couple of objectives was deployed and each force along the long edges of the board.

My army did good and I was happy, but it was not enough.
I had trouble to shoot out all that armour and when I had finally almost had done it I had real trouble with his heavy hitters that just walked through my line like a hot knife through butter.
My Lord Marshal managed to push away a lone unit of tactical but that was about all the counter attack I could muster...
All those armour with the heavy hitters and all those flamers made me play more defensibly then what I maybe should have to capture more objectives in the end. But I was far to concern to try to stay alive then crossing the nomans land into enemy flamers...

A big thanks to Anders for a great game.

Avarii VII, 30k event

Last weekend a bunch of guys from our club went to Malmö for the Avarii VII, Horus Heresy Event.
The event we have stress painted 3000pts of Warhammer 30k armies. I looked back at when I decided to tag along and that mean that I have painted about 3000pts on Solar Auxilia since the beginning of August, I feat that I hope to never have to redo...

Much of the army was untested and having seen now what I was up against I might had brought along another army. Some of the miniatures did rather lousy in all of the games. I sure got alot to learn about building a Solar Auxilia army and about the meta in Malmö.
But I had a blast and it was lots of fun to meet all the new people and look at all those beautiful painted armies.
For the event my forces would be playing on the Traitor side, I had enlisted on the Loyalist side but I guess that no one really asked my guys how they felt about the Imperium and just attacked them... All I could do was to shoot back...

Here are just a small photo dump. More will follow. 

My 3000pts Solar Auxilia


Here are some other pictures from the event: